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There are a lot of choices to make for bedroom design. But starting with a colour scheme is the best way to begin. Why? It sets the tone for the rest of your room. Create a room you love being in and suits your style. Understand your needs and choose to accord to the feeling you want just when you enter the bedroom. Here a few colour combination and scheme ideas you can select from to make your bedroom look luxurious and...

20 Timeless And Beautiful Kitchen Colour Schemes

A kitchen is a magical place where families gather and spend most of their time. It is the heart of our home. So it should also be as beautiful as the rest of your house. Thinking of colour schemes becomes a challenge for us. Before constructing a house or renovating a kitchen, you must have an idea about the different colour schemes and designs. Here, we discuss the 20 timeless and beautiful colour schemes that fit the kitchen. 1. White & Marble The White...

Different Techniques to Furnish Your Own Bedroom

Bedrooms are the individual quarters where you read and relax, recharge and reflect on the day. The beginning and end of our day are in our bedroom. So it needs great attention. For bedroom design, it's almost making the ideal balance between style and function. It's difficult, so here we discuss some techniques to furnish your bedrooms 1. Dark Wall Colour If you need a bold bedroom, try out dark walls. It creates an intimate and inviting look in the room. When...