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There are a lot of choices to make for bedroom design. But starting with a colour scheme is the best way to begin. Why? It sets the tone for the rest of your room.

Create a room you love being in and suits your style. Understand your needs and choose to accord to the feeling you want just when you enter the bedroom.

Here a few colour combination and scheme ideas you can select from to make your bedroom look luxurious and inviting:

1. Neutral

Subtlety is the epitome of style. A neutral bedroom does not need much styling. A statement wall art and a unique mirror are just perfect.

2. Blue & White

The blue and white colour combination will always be a go-to space for anyone in search of tranquillity. Pair it with bold accessories for the perfect look.

3. Brown & Cream

Looking for a bold yet subtle look? Brown with hues of cream is just the right look. Painting the ceiling white and walls, brown makes your room look cosy and homelike.

4. Brown

This combination works for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Meaning, it looks glamorous anytime. It gives out a rustic look in a chic space.

5. White & Black

This colour palette never goes out of style. It transforms your room and creates a moody and dreamy experience.

6. Charcoal

This charcoal shade is a satisfyingly saturated hue. Layering the tones of Grey creates a look that is seamless and considered.

7. Mellow Yellow

Paint your bedroom yellow if you want a scheme that is full of energy and positive vibes. This look will make your room bright, fresh, and welcoming.

 8. Teal

Teal is both a calming and eye-catching colour. It gives your bedroom a luxurious look when combined with contrasting colours.

9. All White

An all-white bedroom never goes out of style. It creates a look that is clean, crisp, and glamorous.

10. Rusty Orange

If you’re looking for a tropical and refreshing space, rusty orange is the right one. This bright colour will surely evoke a sense of warmth and heat when combined with wooden furniture and leather accessories.

11. Coral

A bright colour like coral not only gives a vintage look but also picks up the tone of the bedroom. When combined with neutral shades, the space will feel both inviting and relaxing.

12. Blush Pink

Blush pink is perfect for bedrooms because it instantly makes the room feel cosier and inviting. This whimsical bedroom is not just feminine, it’s decisively chic.

13. Peach

This beautiful colour is pleasant and perfect for lighter sleep. You can go glossy and pair it with shades of green, brown, or black for a dreamy look.

14. Sage Green

A sage green bedroom sounds weird? Not at all. If you’re looking for an earthy touch, this is the right one. This colour will keep things interesting and create a fun and calming experience.

15. Dark Navy

Paint your walls with a nice deep shade of navy and combine it with white accents for a touch of elegance. This shade creates a dramatic effect and gives the room a touch of solemnity.


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