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Looking for a quality and affordable Interior Designing services for your home?

Why Choose Us

One stop solution for all your Interior requirement

innovative design and creative implimentation

Innovative Design And Creative Implementation

Our unique and innovative designs make us stand apart from others in the business. Implementing our plans and ideas are flawless.

Branded Material Selection

The materials used in creating your dream space are specially curated to suit your needs and requirements and maintain the highest level of sustainability.

post instalation services

Post Installation Services

We believe that our relationship with the customer is a long-term commitment, so we always ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Project Completion Within 45 Days*

Living or working in your dream space is what you aspire to. We guarantee to complete all work on your space in 40 days once you have approved the plans.

5 Years Of Warranty*

At Makan Interiors, we offer 5 years of warranty, on our service, be it installation, renovation or even creating your space from scratch.

Cost-Effective Designs

Our designs are economical and cost-effective. We maximize the use of our resource and minimize the use of your budget.

Finished Projects
New Designs
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Happy Clients


Bring your dreams to reality, Makan Interiors helping set up the perfect house to call home. Understanding your vision and view of where you see yourself living, building your future, is a very important aspect of the process we have at Makan Interiors. As a company, we believe in making dreams come true. Learning what makes your house a home is very important.


Creating a space to work and explore creativity is a key aspect to consider when designing a commercial space. We at Makan Interiors, strive to achieve this and much more. A commercial space is where you spend a lot of time building new ideas, creating, exploring, learning and understanding. Knowing exactly how to create a space that will reflect your brand is what we make possible.


Adding beauty to a graceful building or space is something that we make possible. Renovation is a key aspect of giving a home or space a fresh look and bringing life to old structures. Why invest in something new when we can restore and renovate your space. At Makan Interiors we bring joy and happiness by sprucing up your space, making it sustainable and innovative.

Latest Projects

Start your design journey with us and co-create your dream home with our experienced designers

We Design, Curate & Deliver

We know you are unique, and we make sure your home is too! Want a minimalistic foyer, a bohemian bedroom or a vertical garden? Your wish is our command. With over 2.5 lakh products in our catalogue, we have everything you need. We will design and make it specially for you. Once your design is ready, we’ll turn your home into a reality. We make sure everything is in place before we deliver your dream home to you!

Promise & Maintenance

We understand that once you start living, some additional support might be required and Makan Interiors and Decor with its belief in long term support will provide one free maintenance service within the first 12 months, which includes free replacement of products under warranty.

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